Coopersale Social Institute
                                                                        Reg Charity 1018355

About the Coopersale Social Institute

The Coopersale Social Institute was originally established as a trust in 1926 and based on a plot of land donated by H E J Camps Esq of Coopersale House.  Mr Camps also provided a sum of money for the construction of the hall which was done by local residents.


The Institute was initially a social club for members, providing a small Reading Room or library as well as the main hall.  There is a second large room upstairs which holds a snooker table and at one time appears to have been used as a projection room suggesting that film shows were held in the hall.

in 1935 Mr Camps provided additional land for use as bowling greens and tennis courts on a 299 year lease.  At sometime, probably during World War 2, most of this land was converted into allotments, which are still in use today.


In 1992 the management committee, with the agreement of the trustees, drew up a scheme to register the Coopersale Social Institute as a charity. To this date it is governed under the terms of this scheme by a management committee made up of elected local residents and representatives nominated by various clubs and societies which are associated with and use the hall.


The present committee consists of:



Mrs Sue Silvester 
Elected Member
Mr Cliff Tredgett   
Elected Member
Vice Chair
Mrs Doreen Pavitt
Elected Member
Mrs Linda Read 
Elected Member
Mr John Thomas  
Coopersale Horticultural Society Representative
Coopersale Floral Art Club Representative
Coopersale Group 2000 Representative
Mrs Fiona Verhagen
Mrs Natalie Mehew 



The Institute funds the publication and distribution of the Coopersale Chronicle, a quarterly newsletter about events in Coopersale which is distributed free of charge to all houses in the village. The latest (and previous) editions can be found here/ by selecting from the menu.