Coopersale Social Institute
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There are 2 rooms; the main hall is approximately 19M X 7M and a smaller meeting room (upstairs) is approximately 4M X 2M. 

Tables and chairs are available to seat 100, but to allow room for a dance floor it is best to restrict seating to about 80.  Hirers need to erect the tables and chairs and clean fold them and put them away after use.

The hall has a kitchen, with gas cooker, fridge and microwave.  

We have a small (unstocked) bar area; hirers need to bring their own glasses and drink.  If you want to sell drinks, you must obtain a licence from the local authority.

There is a small stage for a band or disco, but all music must cease by 11:30pm and hirers and their guests must be clear of the hall and car park by midnight.

There is a small, enclosed, grass area to the side and rear of the hall which clients may use.


You can follow this link to see the location of the hall.


The charge for hiring the main hall is £15 per hour.  In addition we require a deposit of £75 to cover damage and failure to clear up properly.

The charges for the hire of the meeting room are £7 per hour.  

Bookings must be paid for in full in advance and reservations are not confirmed until payment has been received and acknowledged.  


The car park has space for about 24 cars.  There is very little parking available on the surrounding roads.




Please contact Annette Neal - Caretaker by text on 07900952997 or email to giving as much information as possible on the availability of both  the Main Hall, and the Reading Room .  

Conditions of Hire


The hall is available for hire for private functions, meetings, lectures, classes and other forms of recreation, it is NOT available for teenage parties.  All bookings are at the discretion of the committee.

The hall has a capacity of 100; it is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that this limit is not exceeded.  Additional capacity may be negotiated for some functions subject to the hirer providing additional suitable seating.  The hirer is responsible for setting out and clearing away any furniture used.

Booking confirmation is subject to payment of the booking fee, (which is not refundable if the booking is cancelled), a refundable security deposit and acceptance of these terms of hire.  Applicants must be 25 yrs of age or older, must be present throughout the function and must accept full responsibility for the behaviour of all guests and others present throughout the function and whilst in the area of the hall.  The hirer is to ensure an adequate number of supervisors are present to exercise control over the behaviour of guests.

The hall is in a residential area and guests are expected to show consideration to neighbours.  Drinking and other noisy behaviour is to be confined to the hall itself and is not allowed in the car park.  If doors or windows are opened for ventilation, please ensure that music is turned down.

A security deposit of up to £75 is required.  This will be returned in full if the hall is vacated on time, is clean, tidy and undamaged and there have been no complaints by local residents of anti-social behaviour. The deposit will be refunded subject to the caretaker (or other person appointed by the CSI committee) confirming that the hall and its surrounds have been restored to a clean and tidy condition by the end of the booked period and that all conditions relating to the hire of the hall have been complied with.  Deposit cheques will be banked and must have cleared prior to the hire date.


The booking period must cover the period required to prepare the hall and clear up after the function.  The licence for the hall requires that music must stop by 11:30 pm and all guests must have departed quietly by midnight.  Guests should be advised to pre-book transport if necessary to ensure that they are able to leave on time.  Failure to comply with these conditions will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

All furniture is to be stacked neatly in its original location, unless agreed otherwise with the caretaker beforehand.  Please ensure that tables and chairs are clean before putting them away.

Decorations are not to be attached to the walls with pins, adhesive tape, "Blutac" or any other form of adhesive.  String, wire or thread may be used to hang items from the overhead bars or lines on the wall, but all traces must be removed after the function.

Alcohol may not be offered for sale on CSI premises, unless the hirer has obtained a licence from the local licensing authority.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere within in the building. Ash trays are provided outside the main door and “garden” fire exit; cigarette ends are not to be deposited on the ground  or anywhere other than in the receptacles provided. Please do not leave any food in the kitchen when you vacate the hall.

The hall must be vacated, lights (and other electrical equipment) switched off and all windows and doors secured by the end of the booking period specified in the booking confirmation.  Failure to vacate the hall on time will result in a charge at double the hourly rate for every hour or part thereof.

Any damage or malfunction of equipment is to be reported to the caretaker Mrs A Neal 07900952997 as soon as possible. 

Hirers do not have exclusive use of the building; hire of the hall covers exclusive use of the main hall, kitchen and bar only.  Other hirers may have booked the Reading Room.

Limited car parking is available.  The CSI does not accept responsibility for damage to vehicles parked on the premises.  All vehicles are parked at the owners' risk.  Hall users and their guests are requested to depart quietly.

Music Licence.  An additional fee of £15 is payable for any function at which live or recorded music will be played and for which an entrance fee has to be paid.  Any functions for which an entry fee is payable must be declared at the time of booking (or later if there is a change)